Kirsty Ferguson-Lewis
Serena Braida
Jessica Barker-Wren

Filmed by: Simon Mercer 
The Sirens appearance in "The Odyssey" is brief, yet they survive as one of the most famous symbols of the feminine voice throughout history. Once monstrous, half woman-half bird creatures, the Sirens would lure sailors to their deathly fate with the sound of their beautiful voice. This modern opera transports the sirens to the 21st century; telling a comical, yet emotive story of seduction, femininity and power.
My contemporary take on this mythic creature aims to retell the story of a Siren from my perspective as a woman, challenging the narrow view that the male gaze has affected on to the sirens and the treatment of the feminine voice.
"Sirena" has overarching themes of feminism, the voice and a focus on my relationship with the audience as a performer and composer.

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