‘Cytherean Body’, a multidisciplinary exploration of the voice, body and identity in the digital world. For this project, I created a website for a character called Kri.3000. The website and character are set in an imagined reality 1,000 years in the future, in which humans exist mostly in isolation after widespread contamination, and households live in pods which orbit various planets. Jobs are assigned by the government, with Kri.3000 designated as a performer. Kri.3000 operates in this reality with a dedicated website transmitting performance videos as well as engaging with her audience through mail, a chat-bot and video requests.
With live performances unable to take place in this imagined alternate reality, my aim for this project was to create an immersive experience for the audience through sonic and visual performance work within the digital realm. ‘Cytherean Body’ consists of three original video/audio works embedded within an interactive website, and also aims to explore the body/voice gap and identity. It was also important for me to create performance work that wasn't affected by its inability to be performed live, but rather found its strength in an online world.
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